Thursday, January 21, 2010

"People who graduated from college in a recession earn 2.5% less"

January 18, 2010 Business Week cover story, The Disposable Worker, looks at how a recession affects graduates and how more jobs are temporary, with no basic benefits, and how workers are happy to have them.

This quote, partially seen in the title, is the most disheartening:

For workers, research shows that chronic unemployment and underemployment cause lasting damage: Older people who lose jobs are often forced into premature retirement, while the careers of young people are stunted by their early detachment from the working world. Even 15 years out of school, people who graduated from college in a recession earn 2.5% less than if they had graduated in more prosperous times...

2009 SLA Salary Survey

The 2009 SLA Salary Survey has been released. Accessing the actual survey results and mini-reports will cost $. Individuals can also purchase access to the SLA Salary Calculator (9.95 for SAL members and 14.95 for non-members).


The LibrariansYellowPages and Library Associates, a recruitment firm, have partnered together to offer a job board called LibraryWorks. Currently all of the postings point back to LibGig, also a creation of Library Associates.

I don't know if their plan is to become a vertical search engine for library jobs or if this is just another way to drive traffic to their postings. The interface is clean and has a nice mix of jobs, but you can't sign up alerts or subscribe via RSS. It's early days, but so far days of meh.

Not a day without a conference

Marian Dworaczek has posted a list of upcoming conferences that are relevant to librarians.