Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear Mother from the iProject Atlas

Spotted on Strombo's blog.

This young man saved up and paid off his mother's mortgage.

I love this video since I regularly spend time with young adults and I get tired of hearing people from my generation or older who comment on the selfishness and sense of entitlement of young adults. This is absolutely wrong: they are just people, younger, but no better or worse than their elders.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MYO wearable gesture control

Rather than talk about Google Glass, as a presenter I'd much rather talk about MYO. MYO is a wearable pointing/computer navigation device that removes the camera from the equation (Kinect = camera).


I see many practical uses for this device, especially if it can be used with the Internet of Things (examples from the McKinsey & Company Insights) or they should have some discussions/swap API with these guys that are using cloudy water to make a display.


I guess we will be seeing MYO in the shower videos.

The Shower and the Google Glasses, or is this about discretion?

So not only do I have to ask people to clean up their social media profiles, I now have to ask, do you have any Google glass photos that we need to worry about?

I'm not sure how worried to be about this (remember no, I didn't think so), but I think it will mean that I have to have more discussions with people about are they really your friends if they take these pictures and post them online at Embarrassing Nightclub, not making it up and NSFW) and then describing how to remove these photos from social media services. I find it interesting that when making presentations about the social media work search that I have to discuss qualities and virtues such as discretion and friendship and the dangers of meanness to personal reputation.