Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Adecco 2012 Graduate Survey

Adecco, a recruitment firm, has released their key findings for their 2012 Graduate Survey. According to their summation, the survey focused on respondents between the ages of 22 and 26, was conducted by phone and completed before graduation.

Based on the key findings, this is another "are the kids alright?" survey, where the graduates are revealed to be selfish little babies that can't be bothered to unplug from Facebook to answer a client's call. Since some of these kids found their jobs through Facebook, in some cases this is like asking people to not use the phone...and the surveyors disapproved of graduates that wanted to take a personal call, as well. According to the summary 23% of respondents said they wouldn't take a job where they couldn't make a personal phone call.

I would like a reality check on that one: how many people, no matter what their ages, would not take a job if they couldn't make a personal phone call--such as confirming a dental appointment or reminding your spouse that it is her turn to pick up the kids or your mother-in-law from her chemo appointment? C'mon, that one is just ridiculous--especially if your mother-in-law regularly notifies you by text message.

And my examples are also enforcing the stereotype, since I am implying that only "older, responsible" adults could have the same telephone needs, such as medical appointments and kids, when many 22 to 26 year old people could also have these same needs. At least I didn't assume that a personal phone call is always a booty call, like this article from the Kansas City Star did.

I would also like to take a look at the first question, which the summation seems to believe is the pinnacle of Generation-I selfishness: "...over the next 10 years, only three percent of recent grads said they’d expect to stay at any given job for more than five years.  A third (33 percent) only expect to stay for three years or less". I would like to know how this one was worded on the actual survey, since the meaning here is not clear: does this mean that they will quit and move on, or that they expect to be laid off when their company moves all their jobs to China or India? Rather than suggest that this is a question about worker loyalty, this question may be a pragmatic assessment of the current labor market and its unkindness to workers.

I really wish I could see the questions on the survey, since I think this says more about our preconceptions about graduations than their actual thoughts about the workplace.