Friday, November 16, 2012

Why you can't compare a household budget to the budget of a country

Paul Solman, writing for the PBS Newhsour's The Business Desk, explains why you can't compare a family budget to the budget of a country. Essentially, his answer is that a country can tax and a family cannot, but it should make sense that lopping off some zeroes to compare the spending of an apple to orange orchard is not a sound analogy.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Social Jobs Partnership

Facebook has launched their Social Jobs Partnership, which is an aggregate of Work4Labs, Monster, Jobvite, BranchOut and, DirectEmployers US.Jobs. This is a parternship of non-profit, government, for-profit and Facebook developers into one aggregator, creating a vertical search engine of the partners' jobs.

Like most aggregators, such as Indeed or SimpliyHired, you can search a variety of job posting services and boards simultaneously from the vertical search engine interface and be redirected to the posting on the originating site's own board. So, no, you can't apply with your Facebook profile.

At this time, the service offers one filter for "veteran-friendly" posts.