Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I've got you babe: Dual Career Search

Sometimes, a librarian is a package with their partner who may also work in the same or similar field. If that is academia, Inside Higher Ed provides the vertical search engine, Dual Career Search. You can search by keyword "librarian" and then search for a position for your partner at the same institution, or an institution close-by. Positions are displayed on a map, with green for the first position type selected and orange for the second selection.

As you can see from the test search of "librarian" and any in chemistry, some of the positions are at the same institution or nearby, meaning that you may have to commute but that both of you can stay in academia. Currently, this job post mashup only works on the US, but Inside Higher Ed does post jobs from outside of the US, so it is possible that they may add Canadian postings in the near future.

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