Monday, February 25, 2008

CV or Resume? What's the diff?

In North America, there is a difference between your CV (curriculum vitae) and your resume: which jobs you use one to apply for and the content.

  • Emphasis is on education, publishing and presentations.
  • Preference is for post-secondary education and teaching, peer-reviewed publications and presentations at professional conferences.
  • Used mainly in academia, though some publishing houses and research institutes may ask for a CV.
  • Emphasis is on work experience, but your education credentials are important since you may not be eligible for consideration without appropriate education.
  • Used everywhere.
For librarians, a mash-up of a resume and CV may be acceptable: regardless of where we apply, it is possible that our presentations and publications may make a difference when employers are setting up their interview schedules, since writing, teaching and research skills are a huge part of any librarian's job, regardless of setting.

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