Thursday, April 3, 2008

Adventures of Johnny Bunko

Johnny Bunko is stuck in a dead-end job at BOGGS, hopelessly examining spreadsheets for minute errors and doing things that he hates doing...but doing the things that his parents, advisors and career books told him to. One night, slaving late over spreadsheets, Johnny goes to a mysterious sushi house and picks up some chopsticks that, when opened, release his Elfquest style guide, Diane. Diane has a plan and enough mojo to get Johnny where he needs to be to experience her six steps to career fulfillment. If Johnny can pay attention, follow them and not implode at BOGGS.

Described as the "last career guide you'll ever need", I was pretty skeptical since I read quite a few career books. Actually, it is the last career guide that you'll ever need, provided that you follow the book's extra suggestions, and well, actually try to experience the advice. I really liked the 6 steps and I think that many people, especially people in service careers, will really appreciate the last step and it will help them give meaning to their plans. I also loved the manga aside jokes and, as a manga reader, I liked the OEL feel of the book with the Japanese sound effects and references. If you're looking for something to give you some direction and you don't care what colour the parachute is, pick up some chopsticks and visit with Diane and Johnny.

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DaninJapan said...

Thanks for the kind words about Johnny Bunko. Glad you enjoyed it, gladder still you picked up on the handful of winks and asides to manga fans. Cool.
Dan Pink