Thursday, June 12, 2008


I had the weirdest advertising experience today: I went with a colleague to grab a coffee and as we were walking away with our fix, we checked out the posters--hey, I need a new blender--and saw one advertising, Free Cigarettes. Below, in small letters, was a notice for a website called Letterwhiz and a disclaimer, no free cigarettes are offered, just letters. Bee-zarre, I thought.

Anyway, Letterwhiz is a letter template site that has business (moving locations), career (cover letters) and student (scholarship) letter templates. I'm not a big fan of these sites, since I think you should write your own letters, especially after graduate school. However, a cover letter makes us sweat more than a paper, since a paper gets a grade but a cover letter gets a salary and full dental. And sometimes we have never written a certain type of letter before, like a relocation letter, and we just need a glimpse of the form. A template site can help.


webmaster said...

Dear bookish37,

We're absolutely thrilled that our half-baked marketing "campaign" bore fruit on the internets. Thank you for taking the time to blog about the experience, and we genuinely hope letterwhiz can be of use to you and your ilk.


Wadsworth & Farthington

harie said...
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