Thursday, June 5, 2008

This one is strong in the scent

Since I take the train to work, I have gotten a good whiff of people, not to mention some of the memorable trips snuggled right into people's armpits. I have to say that though I am not a fan of BO, excessive perfume is just a killer. I walked on the deck this morning and took a deep breath of some sweetly toxic miasma and prayed I would find a seat in another car. I couldn't imagine being trapped in a room with the person and being able to think anything but, you smell funny.

If you are going on a interview, ease up on the scent. Both men and women, since men can get a bit exuberant with the spray bottle, too. Despite what you believe about allergies to scent--there is a yes/no argument about how affecting perfume is and if scent allergies really exist--if I believe that your perfume is aggravating or will give me an asthma attack, I'm not thinking kind thoughts about you. Small room, huge smell? I'm not going to be thinking about what you are saying, just when can I escape. You should also be aware that there are some workplaces that are going scent free.

And no one likes to talk about smell: it is a basic, animal sense and our reaction is instinctual and sometimes hard to control. Who wants to say to someone, you smell...odd? Doesn't seem nice, does it? But if a scent, too much of good or bad thing, is too over-powering, it could leave the wrong impression.

And I am not saying, don't wear any perfume; I'm saying, moderation is a good idea. Think about it: you go to the perfume counter and you smell a wide variety of scents. You don't like all of them, but someone will buy the others that aren't to your taste. Imagine that you have purchased and worn the scent that makes your interviewer's back teeth ache. Yeah, you aren't buying either.

So, for one day at least, spray once and step in.

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