Monday, August 18, 2008

Job Diary 2008

Use this template to keep track of the effectiveness of the methods that you used in your job search. Why would you do this? Because people forget about the methods that they used to find work—and they don’t know how to look again the next time. This doesn’t mean that methods will stay the same, but that if it worked once, try it again. I would bet good money that you don’t remember where you heard about your current job if you have had the same job for more than 2 years.

Check the box if yes. Nothing if not used. Do not “maybe” or other waffling: did it work or not?

You should also close the job. When did you give up? Would you apply again? This helps you keep track of dead ends: if nothing is happening—no matter how much you want to work for them—do you keep trying? Define success: did you get an interview? Is success a job offer? Make your own definition.

 Job Diary 2008

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