Friday, August 1, 2008

Moving up dates for job offers

Though librarians are not specifically mentioned in this article, there are some librarians who will be interviewing for tenure track positions and this may be a trend that will affect the whole: moving up the dates for offers (as early as the end of January).

Other trends that will affect interviews:
  • More telephone and VOIP interviews to deal with the rising cost of paying to fly in candidates.
  • Need a teaching demonstration? You may be asked to create one and submit it to YouTube. Another way to keep travel costs down.
  • More interviews at conferences, to do double-duty of networking and recruiting, or a decrease in conference attendance, since money may have to be allocated for increased travel costs. In the latter case, expect more online conferences and less in-person conferences.
Can you think of something else that will, or already has, affected interviews and job offers?

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