Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's the economy, baby

Since the economy is on everybody's mind and lips, it may not hurt to do some tracking about what is being said about the economy in these turbulent times. During my daily work, I have to read labour market information and stay on top of economic indicators in general. Sometimes, I come across items that I think that everybody should take a look at, or they offer a summary of what is happening.

Again, without historical perspective it is difficult to determine WTF is happening--and even then, experts won't always agree. But it can help you feel better if you know just a bit about what is going on.

And you might get a question on these in an employment interview--reference librarians, if you don't read or follow at least one newspaper you're going to blow these questions. You might save yourself on pop culture--Daft Punk for 200, Alex?--but reading the newspaper is a requirement.

So, for today, watch Yahoo Tech Ticker explain the 5 signs of a recession.

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