Sunday, November 2, 2008

ReadWriteWeb launches jobwire

ReadWriteWeb has launched a new service called jobwire which asks people with new jobs to send in a message about their new job, a kind of tech Movers and Shakers. These services are a great way to stay on top of the industry, find out where some of your contacts have gone, or do some brush-up research on a person's career prior to an interview with them. If you work in the tech field and have just scored employment, this might be one way to boost your personal google juice, and get some free exposure for your employer.

ReadWriteWeb, if you aren't interested in writing in tech, is a blog about web technology news and reviews, a very accessible site for people who are looking for information and how-to in using technology in knowledge work. If you have ever considered a career in information services, IT, wired journalism, subscribe to ReadWriteWeb.

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