Thursday, January 15, 2009

Resequencing the Monster

ERE takes a critical look at the Monster remodel, celebrated in commercials and the salvation of unhappy workers everywhere. But no one has ever satisfactorily answered the question for me: can you really get a job from Monster?

I used job boards, including Monster, in the last days of the previous millennium, and I got one call back--for a job selling insurance, though my post clearly said "Librarian". I also told the pushy interviewer that I wanted to be a librarian, not an insurance salesperson. I even asked if they had a library, and he said no, but this job was just as good. If I had been an insurance salesperson, I'm sure it would have been. Like a military recruiter, he was determined I would be candidate fodder, until he went, "heh, you don't live in Jersey", and hung up on me.

That is my sole experience with the Most Wanted of Job Boards: one call for a job that I was completely not interested in and had stated so on all of my documents submitted to the site.

Now, I am completely happy with my experience on niche boards. It's how I got my current full-time job, and all my fill-in-the-lines gigs, but I wonder: has anyone, ever, gotten a job on Monster. All job seekers, not just librarians, send me an answer.

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