Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to stream your presentation

Presentations: a requirement in almost every library interview. But if you could make your pitch before the live audience, should you?

Though clearly showing the effects of too much Red Bull on the undergraduescent Hack College explains the technical issues very simply.

And he's right: why not get more mileage out of your classroom presentations? If you have to make presentations in class or during your internship, and you are comfortable with being filmed and the audience is game, go ahead. There is no guarantee that all of your effort is going to lead to a reward, but if we looked for a reward for all of our efforts, we'd just stay at home and watch reality TV.

You might want your video to look more like ZdNet's Whiteboard video, (and use a tripod but not a spider), and for more ideas on how to use pictures in presentations, read Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam.

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