Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yep, the government is still hiring

Or hiring more, depending on who you're reading. I've posted before about what NACE says about government hires and I even mentioned when the new US administration arrived that there would be help wanted signs put out. According to an article on Reuters, the delivery of the stimulus package will require the assistance of many more workers, especially professionals. Since the stimulus will affect all levels of government, spread your search amongst the federal, state, and municipal governments and their various agencies. This could take a while, so try to narrow your search to the feds, a preferred state (not deranged) and two desired cities. Expand if you have no luck with your first choices, but remember that government work searches take time: you apply, get tested, get interviewed--usually twice--get selected, and then get an offer.

There are opportunities in public service in Canada as well, and I even have a post about how to find them.

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