Thursday, July 23, 2009

An excessive need to be me

HBSP has an interesting blog post from Marshall Goldsmith about the excessive need to be yourself. After reading it, I would also argue that there are some people who don't know themselves, but are just behaving a certain way because they thought it was the right way.

But it is true that the excessive need to be you (with little self awareness) can be undermining. You see it when people do interview prep. They balk at the question, Tell me about the last time you had a conflict at work and how you dealt with it, and in response they assume namaste and blink their saint's eyes at you, and say I don't have conflicts with people. Well, you're about to have a conflict with me because I think you're full of baloney. Tell me about how you're going to deal with that. (And for god sakes, read a peace studies or peace education book, since they acknowledge that conflict has a role in creating peace. You're just being evasive, there's a difference.)

There are lots of stereotypes that we buy into because we think they make us better professionals--and they can vary from profession to profession. The manager in the post didn't want to give recognition because it just wasn't part of his personal makeup--or what he believed hard driving managers did, according to his stereotype.

So what are your personal stereotypes, the one's you hold about your identity?

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