Monday, July 27, 2009

The He-cession

A colleague of mine sent me an article about how women, especially older women, are doing surprisingly well, despite the recession. What's interesting is that, according to the article, women are finding work in battered industries: finance, real estate and insurance. They are also becoming self-employed--not always an indicator of improvement for standard of living, since some entrepreneurs don't make more than what they did as salary workers, and they usually have to pay their own benefits and pension.

But it is good to know that there are glimmers in some areas.

From Canada's He-Cession from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

In the U.S., they’ve begun calling the recession there a “he-cession,” because 80% of American workers whose jobs have been wiped out are men.

In Canada, we’re experiencing a he-cession of our own: 71% of Canada’s unemployment victims in the recession thus far are men. Canada’s official unemployment rate for men in June was 9.2%, compared to 6.8% for women.

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