Monday, July 13, 2009

Women stay in school longer, get married sooner

Statistics Canada has released a research paper based on responses from the Youth in Transition Survey (conducted every 2 years) that looks at the differences between the genders as they enter adulthood.

The following passages in italics are from the Daily announcing the release:

However, a higher proportion of men left school and started working on a full-time basis earlier than women. In contrast, a higher proportion of women left the parental home, formed a relationship and had children earlier than men. Throughout the eight years, a higher proportion of men worked full time and still lived with their parents.

Participation in all types of postsecondary education was higher for women than men. Even though participation rates for both sexes increased over the years, the gap between men and women persisted.

By the time they were aged 26 to 28 in 2008, participation rates were 8 percentage points higher for women than men in university, and 7 points higher in college.

There was also a statement about how men get into the labor market earlier, and another article I read about the research paper stated it was because men choose "marketable" programs (like business and engineering) whereas women choose social sciences and fine arts.

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