Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twitter mistakes

HR Guru has an article on Twitter mistakes, and I hope you aren't making any of them, but you might want to mention them in some of your how-to-job-search classes.

I would also add that you don't add any identifying hash tags, like the name of your workplace, or where you live, should limit your exposure. Tweeting under your full name will also get you outed pretty quickly, though I could argue that searching for people and finding the correct one is not as easy as some people seem to think.

Articles like these, including the ones about not doing stupid stuff on MySpace and Facebook, or any other online service, have to do with discretion. Some people are just not discreet, or they are convinced that no one will ever know--and the lack of knowledge about social media, and the Internet in general, may give them a sense of security. The people you don't want to know about your online rants aren't going to find out about them unless
  • someone in-house tattles on you--which they should, in cases of threats of violence, or indiscreet revelations of company secrets or intellectual property
  • you friend/follow your boss and then say stupid stuff online
  • they get a clue about the Internet. 
For librarians, you can also add, revealing personal information about clients/patrons that approach us in confidence.

Maybe discretion and conduct should be added to a professional behavior course? They are topics to be addressed, if only briefly, in a course on online job searching.


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