Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Copper theft in libraries

Copper theft isn't necessarily a career issue, but I have been more interested in library facilities lately since I read the book, What they don't teach you in library school, and also because there was a good article about the economic impact of copper theft in a recent edition of Businessweek.

Other community centers, high schools, colleges and public service buildings, as well as farms, utilities, broadband services and cell phone towers have been hit. It is also an international problem, with reports of thefts from North America, the UK and Europe, and it is part of a larger problem of metal theft, though the high price of copper makes it extremely attractive.

Some communities are fighting back with surveillance cameras (Copper Theft Caught On Surveillance Camera), proposals to use RFID tags and rewards, not to mention the efforts made by police forces to curb the problem.

I think this would make an excellent capping exercise--possibly including resources on how to report and combat copper theft.

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