Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shouldn't there be a digital expiry date?

Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital AgeThe Canadian HR Reporter-Employment Law blog had an interesting post about a UFC fighter who would like to become a police officer. The Toronto Police Service had concerns about his schedule as a professional fighter, but it was a previous persona, as "Pimp Daddy", that led to the revoking of the offer of employment.

The fighter/wannabe police officer makes a good point: he used the alias at the suggestion of a promoter over a decade ago and is not currently using the alias. I think this was kind of a silly reason to retract the job officer--are you going to revoke job offers for every hooligan that used/still uses a stupid browser email address? What if a person's military call sign or other nickname--these digital nicknames can persist for a long time and be attached to their owners in a professional sense--makes them a "bad candidate"? The question, as the blog post asks, is this:
Should a name used early in his career still be held against him? Could the Toronto Police be losing out on someone who could turn out to be a good police officer because of it?

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