Friday, March 18, 2011

Why does it take so long to get hired?

A guest post on the SimplyHired blog tries to answer why it takes so long to get hired. Though I agree with the reasons, and especially like the last one, where it just feels like it takes forever, there are some other reasons that the author missed:
  • Testing. Yes, the dreaded competency test--and now some organizations have also added ethics and judgment tests. Many of these tests are not scored in-house, but submitted to the testing company, which has its own queue, for evaluation.
  • Everybody has their finger in the pie. Have you ever gone to an interview and been interviewed by a panel, then by your potential new boss and a chum to reduce the halo effect, then had a meeting with HR, usually to do a test and answer a bunch of BDI questions, and then throw in a presentation, coffee breaks and a meal? If the organization only did two of these, this will take at least two days--and then they don't like the two they have, so they have to synchronize their watches to start all over. Some of this process could be streamlined.
  • Let's repost--instead of going back to the database or taking door number two. Sometimes, an employer doesn't need to repost. They can take the runner up or just use the applicants that are already stored in the database--especially if the database allows applicants to refresh their documents, or just press a button to renew their application.
I'm sure there are even more reasons that I have missed as to why it takes so long to make a hire. Adding a position must be filled, come heck or high water clause, might also speed up the hiring process. You can probably add even more reasons as to why it takes so long to make a job offer. 

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