Friday, December 14, 2012

STELLAService an independent online retailer evaluator

I came across this article on CBS Money Watch about STELLAService a sort-of secret shopper of online companies. They have quite a comprehensive list of online retailers, which is also broken into a directory of retail niches, such as Baby Care, Jewelry, and Office Supplies, so a searcher can compare online retailers by sector.

Retailers are evaluated based on their online shopping experience, their logistical monitoring, such as deliveries and on customer support. Retailers are given one of four designations: Elite, Excellent, Approved and Not Approved, and they can display their badges for Elite or Excellent on their website. Retailers may also be evaluated multiple times, which ensures the consistency and currency of the ratings system.

This is a useful for resource for someone researching the online retail marketplace if they are planning to open their own online niche retailer, or if a client has the jitters about buying online and you wanted to suggest reputable online retailers beyond the big names, like Amazon or Overstock, or if you needed ready-reference access to an online retailer's customer service line for a client.

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