Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Getting LinkedIn Recommendations

Jason Alba has a post on his JibberJobber Blog providing some basic rules and giving an example of how to write a LinkedIn recommendation. If you don't use LinkedIn, LinkedIn is business networking that you can use to share information, look for work and get career advice (there are tons of tools that you can check out, and an Answers area that reference librarians will swoon over).

LinkedIn Recommendations are little blurbs or adverts, that you can write for people that you have a business relationship with. You can accept or reject a recommendation; once you accept a recommendation, you can show or hide the recommendation, if you wish (which can be helpful if a former colleague has recommended you, but your boss doesn't really like that person, for example.) Recommendations can help your profile on LinkedIn since people will scan your page and see that you have been endorsed by others for your work. This is great if the person recognizes the person who endorses you and if the person is not a serial endorser (a condition that sometimes affects predatory linkers).

Check out LinkedIn, if only to use the job board feature, if you are looking for work or if you want to while away a few hours on the Answers board.

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