Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Membership and eligibility

This blog was created to support the news and information posted on the First Librarian Job Club, a group created on Facebook. This group is a closed group and you must apply for membership.
  1. You need to sign on to Facebook and create a profile if you don't have one.
  2. Are you currently a student at a library school, studying to become a professional librarian? If yes, please contact the group leader on Facebook and tell her where you are studying. If not...
  3. Have you recently graduated (last 3 years) and are currently looking for a job in a library or one of the so-called library alternative careers? If yes, send a message to the group leader on Facebook and ask if you can join. Tell her where you graduated from and what type of job you are looking for. If not...
  4. Have you just landed your first (or second) library job (or contract) and are you willing to advise and assist others, networking in the best business sense of the word? If yes, contact the group leader and tell her where you are working. Blissful job experiences are not required, but it would be nice if you were moderately happy at work. If not...
  5. Do you work in library HR or management and are you willing to give clear but kindly advice to job seekers? If yes, send a message to the group leader on Facebook.
If you are not a librarian or are just thinking about becoming one, please wait until you have become eligible for professional librarian jobs before asking the group leader if you can join on Facebook; while waiting you can subscribe to the blog and monitor posts and news. You can also monitor the blog and its posts if you don't want to join Facebook or a Facebook group. If you want to make it with a librarian, there is another group for you.

The purposes of this group are to support job seekers and to share HR advice, as well as to test Facebook and its group features as a method of hosting a job club.

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