Thursday, February 21, 2008

Be My Interviewer

A product of JobSiteUK, Be My Interviewer offers a series of questions posed by "celebrity" specialists from the UK. There are a variety of question themes, such as Killer or Ambition questions, to select from and you can mix and match from the script by selecting from a menu on the lower right side of the page. You can also pick the type of interviewer who you would like to face--I've had interviews in libraries with interviewers like Keith, Kirsty and Jacqueline, and one with a person like Ruth, who seems a lot like her last name--but it would be a good idea to try some different genders and pitches to get used to presentation and tone.

I think this is a useful interview experiment, especially if you can't find someone to help you with a mock interview. Caveat: I don't think some of the questions were well-thought out, or, to get the most from the experience you also have to view the rationale, the Answer. For example: Duncan Bannatyne poses a question about how soon you could accept the job and one of his options is, do you need to speak with your partner? I think this is a despicable ploy to find out about your marital status, and the interviewer asks with such brusque, Trumpian authority that I would feel pressured to answer. I accept the reasoning for the question, provided in the Answer feature, but still, partner or not, NYOB.

I found this on BORN, which I think is a useful site for online recruitment trends in the UK.

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