Friday, April 25, 2008

I don't do nuthin' without authorization

Describe the level of responsibility you have in your current position.

Expect this question if you are interviewing for a position where you have to supervise anyone, make schedules, provide evaluations and, possibly, fire or hire. The interviewers also want to know if you can approve projects or release information that will directly impact the public and that you have the final say in when a project is finished. Not realistic for a student position, but you can explain the training wheels.

For example: As an intern, I was responsible for developing the instruction program that taught students how to use RefWorks. I created all of the class notes and exercises, as well as the evaluation form that was used to assess this new program. I did present the notes to my supervisor, and he accepted the program for presentation, indicating that unless the students felt it was too complex, that he would feel confident reusing the module that I had created. Additionally, I also spent half of my time, approximately 12 hours each week, answering questions in person at the Reference Desk or via chat, usually in the evening or weekends with little or no supervision. I also participated in two interviews to hire student library clerks and provided feedback, as all of the reference librarians did, about the punctuality, attention to detail and speed at completing assigned tasks of the student staff.

Project, evaluation, delivery, little supervision.

Every position has some level of responsibility, so try to explain how you delivered within organizational constraints.

The questions this week came from Interview like a Top MBA by Dr. Shel Leanne. Passages from the book are available from Google Books if you are interested.

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