Monday, April 21, 2008

I have a plan?

What early experiences led you on your current career track?

The best answer will indicate how the position you are interviewing for fits on your career plan. This is a variation of Tell me about yourself by examining your professional experience.

Why are you a librarian? Why are you X-type librarian?

If you have worked in libraries and realized that management was out without a graduate degree, your answer is that you decided to become a librarian to progress in your career and have greater responsibilities. Indicate how previous experiences led you to this decision or how they have helped you narrow your choices within the field of librarianship.

This is a hard question if you have no library experience though experience in cultural industries, education and non-profits can help. Think: why are you a librarian? Was it kids, books, computers? What have you done to put yourself on this path--reformed teacher, a summer in the archives, bookish techie--that you can now apply to this experience in libraries? If something attracted you to the position--working with seniors, training, supervision--explain that this is a fresh or repeatable experience for you and that you felt you could put your skills to work in this position.

The questions this week came from Interview like a Top MBA by Dr. Shel Leanne. Passages from the book are available from Google Books if you are interested.

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