Monday, August 11, 2008

Digital portfolio with delicious

If you haven't used delicious, the social bookmarking site that is now dot-lite, there are quite a few good reasons to try it. You can access your bookmarks anywhere, you can create your own name tag and let people follow your work and research--I use this for conferences, very handy--and now, you can use it to make your own online portfolio. The idea, for educators, comes from Michelle Martin, based on a suggestion from Web Upon but I spotted it on a post from weblogg-ed (follow the footpath). Here's how it works:

You look for your online articles, add them to your delicious bookmarks and tag them with your name and portfolio (mynameportfolio). This means that you can keep your articles in order, people can subscribe to your feed of published works--or you can put it on your resume--and employers, or people who are interested in you, can subscribe to your feed. It should also help you to keep track of your work--for as long as it stays online. You should still keep your backfile, but this is one method that you can use to make your work accessible to others. (Explore workology if you are looking for a place to put your work artifacts online.)

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