Friday, August 15, 2008

Employee takes bath in sink

This goes on for about four minutes, so you don't have to watch all of it. I saw it on the news and it will, of course, continue to be a sensation for the next four minutes, and part of the Burger King mythos for a while. But imagine if your birthday stunt was online, or just seen by an employer, you walk into an interview and wham! are you that guy...? He has a nice tattoo for identification purposes, should he ever grow into his face.

Anyway, would it make a difference if this guy showed up for a job as a shelver, technician or a professional librarian? We all do grow up, but some people are literally growing up under a lens, and do you think this should (or will) hurt his chances for further employment?

And, as for the manager, she is clearly shown in the video not going back to the kitchen to kick his ass for bathing in the sink (reasons are explained in video link below). The workers also don't seem very afraid of her coming back and freaking out on them. Unfortunately, she probably had no power to do so--this is fast food management, after all. If you do have any concerns about the manager and what happened to her, check out the television interview where Timothy Tackett, the bather, explains what happened, how he managed to make sure she was occupied, and the fallout.

It probably won't help if the video stays up forever, so I won't keep it up here for too long.

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