Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SimplyHired's Job Listing Report

SimplyHired, one of many vertical search engines for job postings, has released a Q1 report on job searching and frequently used keywords in job search, based on information from their engine.

Now they have indicated that job searches are up, and, yes that can be due to unemployment, but it can also be due to the fact that people are
  • dissatisfied with their current employment and are looking for new jobs
  • can see the writing on the wall with their current employer, or
  • are just trying to stay ahead of the pack
  • one of the popular keywords is part-time, so this could indicate that people are looking for extra work or returning to the workforce
Now, why might you can about this, except to use SimplyHired to find a job? Because the report mentions the appearance of prevalent keywords, which could help you creating search strings, and it also tells you the locations where job postings are up. Handy.

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