Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slaying Monsters?

Response to Will go the way of newspapers?

I think it is too soon to suggest that Monster will go the way of the newspaper classifieds, for a few reasons:
  • Vertical search engines currently aren't charging employers to post with them; most of them make their money with Google adwords
  • Why not charge employers? Because they would need to have a whole host of staff to market their service, as well as an accounting department to deal with invoicing and hunt down the people who don't pay for their ads
  • Most vertical search redirect the job posting not to the employer site but to the original posting on a job board. Monster never redirected a job seeker to a local newspaper because the classified service just dealt directly with employers and got paid for it.
Yes, it is possible that free (and not all are free to for-profit companies) will replace paid, but not for a while yet. Monster, and other job search services, also have other tools--such as resume handling, automatic response, and testing--that streamline other HR processes which no newspaper service ever did.

Whoa, knelly.

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