Friday, May 8, 2009

Monster's revenue is down

In an earlier post, I suggested that sounding the death knell for was a bit premature and that comparing Monster to newspapers did not describe the full scope of Monster's services to employers, which are broader than traditional newspaper classifieds, and greater than the services offered by Craigslist.

Well, Monster reported their Q-1 results last month and though sales are down in relation to a weak market (fewer jobs to post, purchase less advertising--or at least, limit advertising to your own site), and their revenues are down. But it's not like they're bleeding to death:

Total revenue declined 31% to $254 million (26% excluding currency effects and acquisitions) (Source: Toronto Star).

A tiny sliver of this loss may also be accounted for in people using LinkedIn or Twitter to post available jobs. I wouldn't attribute it to competition from vertical search engines.

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