Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tell me about the most fun you have had on a job

What a freebie! Take this one and run with it. Use a project that you had which you did well on--maybe it's featured on a website so they can look at it if they are interested--which you delivered on time and which you have received praise for.

By happy coincidence, this is usually when you have the most fun at work: doing something that you liked that people are impressed with. It also helps if you can prep one of your references to talk about the same project when they get called.

And it does happen, but don't talk about how you and your co-workers took the afternoon off and had a really great bonding experience that included alcohol or errant frisbees. I would forgive you for the alcohol, no freebie on the frisbees, but you have just talked about how much fun it was to not do work together.

Brought to you from David Grant's list of 50 Most Common Interview Questions

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