Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tell me about your experience in libraries...Ms. I've-not-worked-in-a-library-yet

Gah! Imagine getting this one when you haven't worked in a library yet. Yes, not everyone in library school has worked in a library--not all of us know the glory of the shelving, the shelf-reading and the weeding.

Anyway, you should prepare for something like this, or others like it, like tell us how your previous experience relates to this position, by reading through the job description and deciding what you have done in the past that matches with the current job. It also helps if the job description in front of you also has percentages of work, like spend 50% teaching, so you know what your answer should focus on.

Obviously, anything that you have done, either paid or volunteer, that matches with the job description should come out in your answer. You can use more than one previous job experience to describe what you can bring to this current position and how you would apply your skills.

You can also, very carefully, use any of the relevant class projects that you have worked on that relates to the job at hand. I say to do this carefully because they are probably interviewing some of your other classmates and it might start to seem like you are interchangeable if you are all describing the same experiences and assignments. Use the stuff on your resume that is relevant but unique to you as a candidate.

Brought to you from David Grant's list of 50 Most Common Interview Questions

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